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Decorative map of the Texas-Mexico Border
Criteria and Design for a Model Border Crossing

For Use on the Texas-Mexico Border

A joint project of the
Texas Transportation Institute and Center for
Transportation Research

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July 30, 2001

Texas-Mexico International Bridges and Border Crossing Photos are now available.

June 15, 2001

The Briefing Document on Texas Model Border Crossing Project (PDF Format) describes the results of phase one of the project. The project team has determined that the automation of the crossing process is feasible and will not add substantial additional costs (less than five percent, based on current estimates) above the existing infrastructure cost of border facilities. The opportunity to process conventional traffic more efficiently and to offer expedited processing to those companies able to use the ITDS system is promising.

December 1, 2000

A slide presentation which depicts movement through the prototype is available.

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Team to Design a Prototype Facility for Easing Transborder Commercial Movements
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